Art, Design and the Environment

I live in Bucks County Pennsylvania where I am inspired by the beautiful and vast landscape, filled with peaceful forests and graceful waterways. I began my journey in artistic design 20 years ago after a long career in mortgage financing and real estate sales. I pursued a fine arts degree at Bucks County Community College with an emphasis in Printmaking. then began teaching at various venues such as Grounds for Sculpture and Arts Council of Princeton.  Through this I discovered Sustainable Eco-Printing on textiles.  Environmental concerns have always been in the forefront of my work and lifestyle. Founding The Wearable Garden has helped me inform consumers of the damage that industrial textile dyes have on the environment. The planet friendly community can help in this cause is by purchasing from incredibly gifted artisans such as jewelry creators, potters, painters, sculptures, wood crafts and of course textiles from The Wearable Garden. Buying locally and sustainably helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by industrial manufacturing. I hope that you join me in this endeavor is some way.  Thanks for visiting my website. 



Kathleen Lang