• Characterized by moody blues, greys, and bronzes with other color accents, our Midnight Surge adds drama to any outfit and coordinates with many outfit styles and skin tones.
  • The designs include accents from purple stock blossoms, blueberries and blackberries and warm punches from eucalyptus or sunflower petals.
  • Blues are the most in-depth investigation we do.
  • To keep our process sustainable we do not use indigo. Instead, our proprietary process to create blues relies on handcrafted, single batch black bean dye.
  • The numerous “found” metal items used in the Midnight Surge line add complex dark tones and unexpected shapes.
  • Every Wearable Garden eco-printed scarf is one-of-a-kind and made from luxurious imported silk custom weaved by a family-owned artisanal mill. The 25" Drape styles are all Sheer Silk Chiffon.
  • Available in the following silhouettes: 8x72 Narrow, 14x72 Medium, 25x72 Drape, 32x72 Wrap and 32x32 Square.
  • The silk chiffon fabric is unique in this scarf.  It is lightweight and drapes beautifully.

Midnight Surge Silk Chiffon Scarf