Dana Blue - Browns and Golds

Dana Blue -Pinks and Corals

The gold and brown accents combined with the blue were achieved by using tree leaves and metal with black beans.

In this scarf line eucalyptus as the decorative color prints combined with black bean dye to achieve overall blue with warm pink and coral accents

Dana Blue - Cream and Leaves

The Catalyn

In this design Dana masterfully maintained the base color of the fabric while selecting areas for leaf prints and black bean hues.

Extensive experimentation has led us to this collection! For the Catalyn line we have used eucalyptus with it's cast color possibilities

The Catalyn - Cream and Pink

In this design we have coaxed warmer and pinkier leave prints from the eucalyptus and preserved the creamy color of the fabric

The Catalyn - Coral and Orange

Eucalyptus is the botanical dye plant that keeps on giving. In this color family deep orange/yellow overall hues were achieved with coral leaf prints throughout

The Cristin Collection

The Cristin collection utilizes onion skin to provide prints ranging from yellow and orange to grass hopper green! Choose color family; green, yellow, or orange when ordering from this collection

The Kathleen Collection

Kathleen works primarily with avocado skins as her overall pink/rose hues. She works in leaf prints and found metals in her designs.


Kathleen Lang

Bucks County

Washington Crossing

Pennsylvania, 18977

United States


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